2. Objetives

Overall objectives:

  • Uptake of PURATREAT and WACOSYS results and develop a pre-commercial treatment and reuse prototype for direct market application in agriculture.
  • Provide a safe, technological solution for reusing wastewater in agricultural production.
  • Taping the huge potential of wastewater resources in water scarce regions in the Mediterranean region for fertigation (irrigation and fertilization) purposes.
  • Development of an approach which allows 100% reuse of wastewater and a 70% recovery of nutrients.

Scientific and technological objectives:

  • Development and test of a pre-commercial prototype for 500 PE for treating and applying wastewater in agricultural production (safe, low-cost and low-energy input).
  • Adaptation of a suitable control and measurement device.
  • Assessment of potential benefits and risks of the prototype for the environment and human health.
  • Reduce the energy consumption for MBR-treatment to a value of 1 kWh m-3 permeate.

Socio-economic objectives:

  • Evaluate the eco-efficiency and overall performance of the approach and the prototypes
  • Irrigating and fertilizing crop in the Mediterranean region under market conditions (cost-benefit analysis for SMEs and farmers)
  • Enable safe and beneficial agricultural production in waster scarce regions (income opportunities)

Environmental objectives:

  • Support the implementation of related European legislation, such as the Water Framework Directive, the Drinking water Directive (1998) or the Directive on pollution caused by certain dangerous substances (2006) by providing technologies for ensuring the agreed targets
  • Apply the goals of the Environmental Technologies Action Plan (ETAP) (EC 2004), by helping to decouple industrial development from environmental impacts
  • Safe and cost efficient reuse of wastewater and nutrients
  • Wastewater treatment and reuse to ease the pressure on water resources and protect them from pollution
  • Reduction of water and fertilizer consumption by efficient waste water management