BIOAZUL S.L. is an engineering company focusing on wastewater treatment and water reuse concepts. The product line of BIOAZUL includes complete SBR and MBR systems for wastewater treatment and water reuse especially in remote locations or for specific wastewater compositions. Other products (chemicals for wastewater treatment) and services are focusing on standard wastewater systems. The highly qualified staff (1 engineer, 2 biologists and 2 chemists) has extensive experience in the treatment of specific wastewater and reuse processes (e.g. municipal, olive oil or paper industry, wineries).

Due to the participation in several EU R&D projects and own R&D activities in the fields of wastewater and solid wastes management, renewable energy and environmentally-sound agriculture, BIOAZUL has also gained in-depth knowledge of EU project management. BIOAZUL’s activities are divided in 3 interconnected business areas: R&D and commercialisation of own products, commercialisation of 3rd parties’ highly innovative products, and consulting and management of R&D projects.

Contribution within the project:

  • Project management and guidance of exploitation activities,
  • Literature and patent search, current legislation,
  • Determination of system requirements,
  • Design and construction of the MBR module,
  • On-site testing in Spain and system and MBR optimisation,
  • Supporting to evaluate the system performance,
  • Exploitation if the results for the companies benefits
  • Administration of project web site.
Contact: Mr. Rafael Casielles
Address: BIOAZUL S.L.
Avda. Manuel Agustín Heredia,18
Phone: +34 951 047 290
Fax: +34 951 047 353