Soil Moisture Sense - SMS has been in the irrigation management business in the UK and overseas (East Africa, Spain and Portugal and recently Pakistan, South Africa and a few others). Originally the business was a one-man business with an office person but now there are 4 with more to join in 2011. Under the SMS banner they will be working with a number of colleagues overseas, which will give a large team of multi-skilled people with a large range of languages and the ability to focus on a project at the correct time

The business originated using the Neutron Probe as a weekly advice business for local growers but since 1993 the EnviroSCAN has been the monitoring system of choice. For the vast majority of their customers they sell or hire the equipment, make all installations (to make sure it is done properly) and collect the data using either GPRS or previously GSM. They put the data into the excellent Irrimax software and display on-line for easy viewing by the customer, his advisers or anyone else with the login code – this can be done now on smart phones as well.

They also sell systems using any other sensor that is suitable for an application and are developing our own data logging GPRS module so that they can plug and play almost any sensor. For example many of EnviroSCAN customers would also like to be able to monitor rainfall, soil temperature and maybe other things – this they can do.

They have connections with quite a few Research projects in the UK and overseas but in their field many of their go-ahead growers seem to be ahead of the researchers. Another part of their business is weather stations –they supply and mange those as well, but their core business is soil moisture monitoring with advice.

Contribution within the project:

  • Support in determining end users requirements,
  • Support in selecting input and output data,
  • Site preparation and licencing,
  • Planning and realization of training workshops and demonstration days,
  • Supporting expert during operation and optimization,
  • Support in evaluating the system performance.
Contact: Mr. PETER WHITE
   United Kingdom
Phone: +4407785393925
Fax: +4401728454839