TREAT&USE is coming to its end, and we have left many experiences in these two and a half years: hard work, good friends and especially many lessons learnt. The main one is that you cannot figure out what the market needs until you work directly with end users. In this sense, the expertise gained thanks to the cooperation with the cooperative of farmers GUADECOL has been invaluable. We learnt that technology has to be integrated with many other aspects; technicians and engineers don’t have to deal only with technical challenges, technology must be attractive, affordable and adapted to the needs and requirements of those people who will use it and those who will benefit from it.

We also know that developing TREAT&USE is only a first step to provide solutions in the field of waste water reuse. There are still many challenges, and they are not necessary technical. We need to raise awareness in the European society about the importance of managing water efficiently. Institutional, economic and bureaucratic barriers cannot be overcome unless there is an active and joint participation of all sectors involved in water management. In this sense the role of SMEs is crucial to lead the sector to widespread reuse of waste water in agriculture.

Our research on reuse started with PURATREAT, then continued with PROMEMBRANE and WACOSYS. Now we are finishing TREAT&USE, but we there are other initiatives on going such as SuWaNu project. Therefore, this is a “see you soon”, you will hear more from us in the near future, we will keep fostering the change to improve water management in Europe.

Rafael Casielles (General Coordinator)